Hello, I'm Heggi

Personally, I'm a Jakarta-born kid, a Husband, a Father of two, and a self-claimed Ketoprak Lover

Professionally, I'm an Engineer with profound interest in Technology and Communication

Why Technology?

After 8+ years involvement in Automation Engineering and Continuous Improvement, I become a big believer in Technology as a platform that enable a better life.

But the keyword here is enable, technology are here and evolving faster than ever, ready for us to use, ready to help us, but a sword is only as deadly as it's wielder.

Why Communication?

Obviously, as a social being, we can't live without communication, but many people think it's always enough to live with only the bare needs of communication.

Not many realize the power of proper communication, and how it can elevate our life.


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I would love to have a discussion with you, on any topic you are interested

I can share you my experience related to building a Notion system, preparing speeches and presentation, or any other discussion you would like to have

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